Underwear Box

Beautiful underwear without leaving home

$19.95 per month

Our underwear subscription boxes include 2 pairs of beautiful, soft, lightweight and comfortable MyTreat branded underwear! Our knickers feature fun patterns, high quality fabric, and bright colours, while sticking to a classic cut that sits well on real women. We know you want to feel fab from the base layer, so these styles and colours are a treat to wear each day. Bills are boring so we are focused on brightening up New Zealand, one mailbox at a time. ​Women are way too busy, work way too hard and deserve way more surprises in our lives.... and because underwear is an essential item you can totally justify this pretty & practical treat.

Worldwide Shipping ●  Posted on the 25th of each month  ●  $19.95 per month

How to pay?

To make your shopping experience even better and remove the risk of your beautiful new underwear not fitting, we offer every customer a SIZE GUARANTEE. This means, if your delivery arrives and you are not happy with the sizing, you can be sure we will get you pairs that suit you. Check out our size chart here.