Mothers Day Box Collection

Beautiful Gift Ideas

This collection however, celebrates all women. Mothers to be, new mums, empty nest mums, women on their journey to motherhood, step mothers, grandmothers and all the beautiful and inspirational women in our lives. With boxes from $40, there is a beautiful gift for each age and stage of motherhood, and for every caring woman in your life who deserves a treat.

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Retails Value: $60.00
MyTreat Price: $30.00

After the success of our recent Lucky Dip Box we have created the Sample Surprise Box, loaded with full size treats and products that are practical, and thoughtful. We are packaging up skincare and beauty products to restore skin and pamper the whole body. The idea is to give you the opportunity to sample the excitement of a MyTreat delivery, and this beautiful box features some of our most popular products and high quality treats. We want to make sure the element of surprise is only exceeded when your box arrives and so inside each of these BIG boxes, you will find more than $70 of value, and the promise that each product has been selected because we know people love them. These boxes will include natural skincare, New Zealand brands, organic body and beauty treats, and products we are proud to deliver to our deserving customers... individually wrapped for the photo only!

Youthful & Beautiful Box

Retails Value: $76.96
MyTreat Price: $40.00

Save 47% off this beautiful gift box. Rosehips for antioxidants, coconut oil for hydration, and seaweed for rich proteins and skin vitamins. This box is known as a beautiful ‘all-rounder’, with nothing too specific, the skincare inside is suited to all skin types and has a retail value over $76.00.

Attitude For Gratitude Box

Retail Value: $101.98
MyTreat Price: $65.00

Save 35% off this collection of natural skincare and body treats worth over $100. Botanical beauty secrets, organic mood enhancement, vegan products, and skincare with genuinely 100% natural extracts, collected with thought and care, and put into a big beautiful box of calming and cleansing body treats. We know Mothers Day is a time to appreciate and show gratitude for the amazing women in our lives, and if the deserving recipient is a spiritual babe from way back, or has an affliction for organic skincare and natural products, this box should not be overlooked. Only 20 Boxes available.

Flavours of the Earth Box

Retail Value: $152.92
MyTreat Price: $91.00

Lemon, Honey, Camellia, Macadamia, Watermelon & Raspberry… all for our skin. Our skin is our largest organ, can you imagine using anything other than natural ingredients to nourish and care for it! Each product inside this box has been selected because they are organic, natural, New Zealand made, and because they are inspired by the natural powers of botanicals and fruits. You should actually be able to eat your skincare, sound crazy? When you think about how our skin absorbs everything we put on it, it’s easy to understand why more and more brands like Okana, Karen Murrell, Agnes & Me and Oxygen Skincare are proud to use ingredients ‘natural enough to eat’. Like our digestive system, the complex absorption of skincare is only enhanced by the use of genuinely natural ingredients, making this collection of highly effective skincare ideal for mature skin, and guaranteed to leave the lucky recipient feeling pampered and looking beautiful. Only 20 Boxes available.

Retail Value: $195.83
MyTreat Price: $122.00

Special powers are needed to maintain a beautiful complexion as we age. Our skin starts to lose its ability to naturally regulate and repair from our mid 20’s, but it is never too late to start an effective skincare routine to repair fine lines, rejuvenate and to achieve beautiful, glowing skin at every age. This magic collection of lotions and potions, harnesses the power of natural botanicals, and science, to provide highly effective skincare to improve the overall appearance of skin, as well as provide the nutrients and nourishment to help skin stay protected against the elements. Only 20 Boxes available.

Retail Value: $230.00
MyTreat Price: $143.00

Weight loss skincare… well not really, but once you’ve used the treats in this box, you will have shed so much dead and dry skin, that you’re sure to weigh less than when you started!! The products in this box are all about resurfacing your skin to reveal your freshest layer, and leave your body hydrated and feeling completely pampered. This is the ultimate treat box for anyone looking for a complete skincare WOF, with microdermabrasion cream, a pink clay and walnut scrub for your whole body, and beautiful feet treats, plus luxury natural skincare from Lisa Goodeve. If you want to pamper someone aged 45+ these products will transform skin, and with a total retail value over $200.00, all packed with love, in one of our big boxes, it will deliver so much precious pamper time to the deserving recipient. Only 20 boxes available.